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11 июня 2016 г.


of Criminal Case № 1-18/2016 (1-218/2015;) of Attempted Murder of Vladimir Lopatin on 11th of August, 2015.

The Berezovsky Town Court Case № 1-18/2016 (1-218/2015;) - Official Site Page

The criminal case № 1-18/2016 (1-218/2015;) materials- the complete volumes in the Russian language.

Legal definition of the crime situation

On the 11th of August 2015, Malyshev (the father of Tatiana Lopatina, my ex-wife) called me by sell phone 5 times, starting from 8.00 AM with the interval of two hours till 2 P.M when I answered his call, he asked me to come to his place - a cottage in a little town of  Beresovsky 15 km north-west of Yekaterinburg. He wanted me to come and collect as he said "subpoena". He assured me that the purpose of his invitation is not to discuss his daughter, or my children, or my post-marital relationships with his daughter, or civil cases in the courts concerning the division of property. As proved by the investigation and the trial later, accused Malyshev intentionally deceived me with the direct intent to make me come to his house to murder me but to falsify it as a fight based on mutual enmity.

I agreed to come after 8.00 P.M. to collect the so-called "document" that the accused allegedly wanted to give me. On that day I had a dictaphone (a digital voice recorder) with me and it happened so that everything that was happening at the accused's place when he was attempting to murder me was recorded. The dictaphone and the recording was the main evidence of murder.

At 8.45 P.M. I drove in my car to the accused's house, turned  the dictaphone on into the recording mode and came to the gate of the house. The accused opened the gate when I knocked. He was nervous but deliberately calm. He asked me to go into the depths of the corridor formed by the side of the house and the garage. At the end of that improvised corridor there is the door to the kitchen-garden where there is a table with chairs where he and I used to sit and talk. I thought that the accused wanted me to go to the kitchen-garden to have a conversation at the table, so I went into the kitchen-garden but the accused did not follow me but remained standing at the entrance to the kitchen-garden and asked me to come out of the kitchen-garden to have a look at a stand with photos he was making. I, suspecting no criminal intention of the accused of any kind as we used to be on friendly terms and never ever had any argues or quarrels for the 16 years of my marriage to his daughter, came out of the kitchen-garden, turned to the direction at which the accused was pointing with his left hand - his right arm and hand where straightened along his body hiding the knife. At that moment the accused made a completely unexpected and violent stab with the knife into the lower left part of my abdomen with all his might - the blade of the knife reached the spine - saying cynically and calmly, "Well, OK, Vovk" (Vovk is a short addressing for Vladimir). I, not knowing what had happened, thought that the accused with some reason leaned against me, and I pushed him and only at that moment saw the knife, being held in the hand of the accused, coming out of my body. I immediately tried to run away from the accused to the direction of the gate of the house, but the accused got hold of the sleeve of my jacket and began to make knife stabs on the sleeve - the only place on my body he could reach at the moment - thinking that my arm was in the sleeve, not knowing that he pulled the sleeve so hard that my arm came out of the sleeve before the accused started making stabs on the sleeve. The accused continued pulling me by the sleeve of my jacket that was not zipped and as the result of his strong and slashing pulling and stabbing the sleeve he took the jacked off me so violently that I lost my balance and fell down on my back, face up, hitting my head severely against the wall. The accused, with the knife in his right hand, seeing that I was lying helpless and wounded, fell down on me intending to make more stabs in my chest, neck or face, however I managed to hand out the strike, which caused a cut on my left-hand little finger, and to throw the accused off me - at that effort I saw that bowel loops eventrated.


While the accused was getting up I had enough time to swoop up the bowels with one hand and opened the door to the gate with the other hand. I ran out into the street where there were occasional neighbours of the accused who did not understand what had happened and were standing shocked staring at me. Meanwhile the accused got up and came to the open gate and not yet seeing the witnesses because of the trees, commanded to me, "Come back here!" I was crying for help and tried to explain to the people that the accused wanted to kill me. When the accused noticed the people, he calmly shut the gate and did nothing to help me.

The crime scene dictaphone recording

When I had fallen down being pulled out off my jacket by the accused, the dictaphone flung out of my pocket  and remained lying near the gate inside the corridor and recorded everything the accused was saying and doing while the eyewitnesses outside were calling the police and the ambulance - the accused resented and cursed himself and said that he was an old fool, because he had missed, and could not make a proper stab, regretted that I ran away only wounded; afterwards he telephoned his wife and said that he was in trouble and that she should come home from the flat of their daughter  (my ex-wife). Then the police arrived and started ringing and banging at the gate and that moment the accused lit the fire in the stove in the bath-house and tried to commit quazi-suicide by poisoning through inhalation of high levels of carbon monoxide.

Struggle for life

Meanwhile I was driven to hospital by ambulance and was taken to the operation theater immediately as I had lost almost two and a half liters of blood caused by intense internal bleeding from damaged bowels, mesentery, and large blood vessels in the retriperitoneum. The medical aid was performed just in time to save my life. From 11th to 13th of August I was in medical coma and underwent two operations in a row involving complete opening of the abdomen. I could leave hospital on the 27th of August in satisfactory condition with anemia and post traumatic stress disorder. (see page 17 February 2016)


The investigation was mounted on the 12th of August, 2015, and took four months. The psychiatric expertise determined that the accused was compos mentis when he was committing the crime and suffered no mental illness trying to commit suicide on the 11th of August. My ex-wife and her mother where interrogated as witnesses. At the interrogation the accused, his daughter, and his wife continued giving false testimony and as the result the legal definition of the crime was not an attempted murder but grievous bodily harm.


The Investigative Committee sent the case to court on the 30th of October, 2015. The trial lasted for five months and totaled nine hearings. During the hearings the accused and his daughter continued giving false testimony, the accused's wife did not appear at the court. As all the evidences and the testimony of the accused that he had scienter to murder me proved attempted murder, I filed the petition to re-define the case to a more severe crime. On the 11th of April, 2016 the accused committed suicide by hanging. The case was closed on the 15th of April, 2016.

Conspiracy to murder

The accused and his daughter (my ex-wife) in their false testimony at court proved that they had been planning and conducting a conspiracy to murder me on the 11th of August, 2015. The accused's daughter, when answering the questions and commenting the evidences refuting her scienter false accusations against me, proved the fact that since 2006 she had purposefully been inciting her father - the accused - to murder me with the purpose of following legal consequences to inherit all my property upon my death.

Комментарии (2)

Вы просматриваете: 11 июня 2016 г.
Vitaly (Ekaterinburg)
Hi, Vladimir! Your story is like the plot of a film, where different miracles happen and a happy-end comes as result. The blank stabs, the dictaphone that could be crashed after the drop but continued the record, the neighbour who wasn't afraid to death and called police, the good surgeon... So many pieces of luck in a row! If I watched the film I would say the plot is quite unreal and has no common with reality but… I’d be wrong.
26th June 2016 2:26am
Vova (Yekaterinburg)
Thank you, Vitaly.
So many good lucks in one row!

Among other surprising pieces of luck there are: the jacket which was on me was luckily unzipped, after the first stab my first impulse was to run, the two doors were not locked so I could open them and run into the street, the fact that I was beginning to turn to the right with my body at the first stab and the knife did not damage my liver, and the fact that the accused did not rip open my stomach because I had pushed him away.
26th June 2016 3:00am
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