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24 января 2017 г.

The Russian Themis.

On the 11th of August 2015, the same day when my ex-wife's father attempted to murder me acting on her incitement to commit the murder to get the half of the marriage acquired property without any trial proceedings which would have established that according to law my ex-wife has right to only insignificant part of the property, not even the right to a seperate piece of property but to a share in the property, my ex-wife brought a civil lawsuit over the marriage acquired disputed property. However, the purpose of the lawsuit was not to divide the property but to invent an alibi for her alleged uninvolvment in the crime of murder. Later, in December 2015, when giving witness testimony in the criminal trial proceedings, her criminal motive for property to incite her father to murder turned obvious. Nevertheless, in her civil lawsuit she asked to give all property located in Russia (two flats) to her plus multimillion money compensation, thus, she violated three basic provisions of law:
1)she ignored children's right to property;
2)she ignored my right to real estate property in any form in Russia;
3)she ignored exclusive jurisdiction principle in real estate cases.
However, the judge of the first instance (trial) court, just in order to collect and keep the litigation fees, adjudicated the case in my ex-wife's favour. I brought an appeal against the first instance court decision and the appeal court overturned the first instance court decision and issued rightful and lawful decision that came into force at the moment of issuing: my ex-wife has right to 1/4 share and 2/5 share in two flats, she must compensate 450 thousand roubles to me, she has no right to file suits in Russia concerning property. For the time being, she still has six months to appeal to the Supreme Court to review the Appeal Court's decision.


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